Monday, February 23, 2009

Helping You Homeschool

When we began homeschooling in 1990 it was a pretty scary thing to do. It was THE Great Experiment.

I will admit that homeschooling can be pretty intense and intimidating--but so can parenting! But, if you are reading this my guess is you are a parent or would like to be one some day and you are willing to undertake the task, no matter how hard. And rest assured, parenting and homeschooling are worth it--they are hard but oh so rewarding. Does anything worthwhile come easy? I don't think so.

I want to encourage you that the GREAT Experiment works! Your children can excel academically and socially, but more than this, you can transfer your core beliefs to them and build strong family ties.
 I LOVE that our kids get together all the time for movies, picnics, concerts, weekly lunches and so on. They really encourage and support each other. 

One of my daughter Kari's friends commented that since Kari had so many brothers, couldn't she spare one for her. She needed a brother too.  Kari said, "No. I need all of my brothers. I need each one differently. I couldn't spare one--I need them all."

And that is why the Great Experiment Works!

When you make the sacrifices it takes to homeschool your children, you are investing not only in the next generation, but investing in generations to come. It is easier to have the kind of family you always dreamed of when you homeschool--mostly because you have more time to spend with your children.

So, my science lesson for you today is that our hypothesis was proven correct--Homeschooling works to prepare kids academically, socially, spiritually and it promotes strong happy families to boot! What could be better?

Evely Family 2013

Back: Sons Cris Dusty and Scotty, Grandpa Paul on his 90th birthday, Me, my husband Bob holding Chad's daughter                     Allison, Chad's wife Molly holding Abby. 
Front: Cris' wife Jen with daughter Ellie, Dusty's wife Sharon, son Chad and daughter Kari. (Cris and Jen added a new daughter, Lilli, not yet born when this photo was taken.)

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