Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nobel Prize won by former home-educated student...

Did you see the news this week? Willard S. Boyle is sharing the Nobel Prize for Physics for his work in developing the sensor that is widely used in digital cameras.

Born in Amherst, Nova Scotia in 1924, Willard moved to northern Quebec when he was three years old because his father took a job as a doctor at a lumber camp.

He was homeschooled by his mother until he went to high school in Montreal. [Way to go Mrs. Boyle! ]

So, if people question your homeschooling, you can say, "Hey, the last guy to receive a Nobel Prize in Physics was homeschooled."

You can read more about Boyle by going here: http://news.puggal.com/willard-boyle-9202/

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