Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2010 Sonlight Catalogs

Yesterday while I was busy making waffles for my 2 year old niece and 5 year old nephew Scrappy started barking her "There's-a-guy- in-a-uniform-and-big-truck" bark. When I looked out I saw a UPS guy looking like he was going to cry.

I yelled out, "Do you have boxes for me?"

"34." [This said in a defeated voice.]

He was looking up at our house and the many steps it would take to lug all those boxes up the steps to my porch. There are twelve steps up to my house, and 34 boxes at 29# each, meant he needed to tote nearly 1/2 ton of Sonlight up the steps.

Now you know why he wanted to cry!

I yelled down to the truck, "You can put them on your hand cart and wheel them up my neighbors driveway and into our side door. There is only one or two small steps that way and the cart can come right up them."

Ahh--I saw him smile. I locked Scrappy in my office, rescued the waffles out of the waffle baker, put some syrup on them and gave them to the kids. I said they could eat in their hands if they needed to since I couldn't help them cut them up. I propped the door, opened the gate, got Bob to give the UPS guy a hand...and in rolled the catalogs.
Once they were done, Isaac and I counted the boxes, estimated how many there were, 1700--oh I and I got a LARGE warm cloth and wiped maple syrup covered hands, faces and the table. [You can imagine!]

Isaac said, "It takes math to figure out how many catalogs, doesn't it Aunt Jill?" And ever the homeschooler we counted, talked weight, shapes, found my name on the back and I had Isaac read the cover and my contact information printed on the back.

Ahh, a good day. I love catalog day. I just need to wipe down the chairs--still a bit sticky.

Take care,


  1. You are toooooooo lucky !! I won't get mine forever, I am sure.