Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm a grandma...

I know you are probably shocked because I look so youthful, but yes, Friday April 16, 2010 will live in infamy as the day that I became married to a grandfather. How is it possible that two such young people--more in love today than when we were first married--are grandparents?

Well, it's true and Elinor Grace is probably the cutest baby ever. Bob and I are smitten with this newest Evely.

Friday started normally with Jen going to work while Cris was out of town on business. By mid-morning she realized she was in labor--5 weeks early.

A quick phone call and I was on my way. Before too long Cris arrived and by 6:00 that night Elinor was born. You can see how thrilled she was to see the outside world in the photo above. She cried like crazy, which of course is good for the lungs, so we were all smiles.

But, Elinor was, after all, 5 weeks early, so she needed some oxygen, and an IV and some enzymes to develop her lungs and a feeding tube. But, today, she doesn't need any of it and it looks like she will come home in a day or two. Jen is doing great, Cris is the proud papa and Bob and I are all smiles.

We can't wait for her to come home and to snuggle her in a non-institutional setting. I did get to hold her a bit yesterday and today. This picture isn't too great, but you get the idea. This is one sweet and adorable baby--and I am not prejudiced one bit--just ask Bob!

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