Friday, May 21, 2010

Soap, Creativity and Reading...

I love making soap and for me it is like therapy. When the scary lye water/goat milk combines with fats and oils and all of a sudden the chemical change happens -it saponifies and becomes soap- it gives me a rush and satisfaction all at the same time.

I think it is the creativity of it that hooked me. Some hobbies get old because they fail to stimulate our minds or they become repetitive and boring. But, if you can find something that challenges the mind it is a different experience every time.

I think God created us to be creative. When I look at dogs and other animals it seems like they do the same thing every time, day after day--but we were created to be creative. This is why I think that children need a lot of variety to stimulate their minds to keep them being inquisitive, creative little people. The feed on ideas and I think the best way to spark that creativity is to read to them.

Get some books and read to your kids and let the creativity begin. Excite their imagination. Learn about being satisfied with what you are and what you have with the "Whingdingdilly," learn about sacrifice and honor with "The Great and Terrible Quest," learn about prejudice in "Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry," and for just good all around family reading you can't beat "Little Britches" by Ralph Moody [the whole series is wonderful[.

If you would like other suggestions, ask you librarian, ask me, ask me to send you a Sonlight Catalog, get suggestions from "Honey for a Child's Heart," or other good book with recommendations.

Enjoy you kids--they grow so fast and reading together is a great way to stimulate creativity and to pass on your core beliefs.

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