Monday, July 12, 2010

Welcome Allison Ann Evely...

Molly, 39 weeks pregnant
This is what Allison looked like last week--all wrapped up in her momma. Molly always has a big smile but I think she was getting pretty anxious. At the Friday appointment the doctor said that the baby had turned into a breech position, so a C-section was scheduled for Monday at noon.

Allison had other ideas. She decided to come on Saturday, so an emergency C-section brought Allison into the world.

Aunt Kari and Allison
For some reason I only have two photos, and they both show Kari holding Allison. I will go visit today and take some more. But you get the idea. She is perfect in every way, 8# 6oz at birth, 18.5 inches long and a bit of dark hair.

Molly and Chad are thrilled and cannot wait to get Allison home to her waiting nursery.

Life is very, very good. My first two grandchildren born within 3 months of each other. Who would have thought?

Take care,

Ahh, I just got a few more photos:Grandma Evely [Me!] and Allison

The two grandpas and the proud dad!

Uncle Scott-------------------- Uncle Dusty and Aunt Sharon

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