Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Library in a Box...

I live in a small town. The last census said around 6,000 and that included all the students in the local college and seminary. So, when school is not in session, the town is considerably smaller. 
In fact, we have only two towns in our whole county-so I guess you could say I kind of live in Podunk. We have a county library in the other town but up until about a year or so ago, it was a pain to go to the library and ever since my kids learned to drive, I just didn't bother. 

But now? Now it is different. Now we have the "Library in a Box" and it is fabulous. Basically what I do is go online, reserve any books I want and when they are available the library van comes over to our town, and puts my book in one of the doors on this locker system. Then they call me and tell me my book is in.

I go up to the last drive through lane of our local bank and there is our "Library in a Box system." You can see that there are two boxes for returns and then this big "locker." I type my PIN into the key pad and a door opens. I grab my books and go. That is all there is to it.

There are three of these "boxes" around the county so now even the most rural patrons can have this convenient service. I think at its inception it was one of only a couple of these types of systems in the whole US. 
I want to thank our library for investing in this program and I want to encourage you, if you live in a rural area, to show your library this great set up. Maybe other libraries will see the value and bring "Library in a Box" to your area.

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