Monday, March 21, 2011

Cincinnati Midwest Convention--Here I Come...

There are only 10 days till the Midwest Convention--9 days till I have to set up the booth.

Although I have already done a LOT of prep work in order to have the best booth in the hall, I still had quite a bit to do. So, today was dedicated to finishing up.

I store my books and materials in our barn out at our farm.

Gathering up my last minute books, my faithful dog Scrappy and my iPod, I headed out in the truck to spend a day at the farm. 

Scrappy found the smells surrounding the barn much more interesting than this huge stack of catalogs!

 Yes, folks, these are the catalogs that are earmarked for Cincinnati. 1500 catalogs! Each box of 50 weighs 30 pounds, so 900 pounds are coming to Cinci.

 I have tubs and tubs of books, display items, brochures, pens, extension cords and more!

Good thing we have a pick up truck! It doesn't seem like it should take so much time to get ready, but I like to get the booth set up in an hour or so, and that takes organization before the event.

I also practiced setting up some of the displays.  I have a sample of the Mathtacular Educational Kit which is really cool. I can't wait till my two granddaughters get a bit older.

I think I like it displayed this way the best. It is sitting on the box. I love all the cool hands on manipulatives that complement the DVD. Awesome!

I also purchased the new Mathtacular Word Problems set. This looks really interesting and easy to understand. I love that it has a DVD, student book and answer key.  Great for students and Mom.

 In another week, we will pack up so we can set up on Wednesday at the Duke Energy Center.

Take care, and you may want to check our my homeschool resource library. 


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