Monday, May 7, 2012

Summer Reading...

With summer just around the corner I couldn't help thinking of a great summer reading list I helped work on. It is the "Retired Sonlight Book" list. Hundreds of books that used to be in the Sonlight Curriculum programs have been removed for one reason or another. Sometimes a book goes out of print, sometimes a better books becomes available and sometimes I think they just want a bigger variety of authors represented.

Whatever the reason, the following list is incomplete list of books that have been removed. Most of these would make great books for summer reading and they are all categorized by Core level so you can pretty much tell what age they would be good for.

You can find the link here . If  if you would like this document in Word, or if you have any of the early catalogs and can help by telling us what has been discontinued from them, that would be great. We are missing books that have been retired from 1990-1993 and 96-99 so if you have any of these catalogs, we would welcome your input.  Just contact me at bluegrassjill at and I would be glad to send you the Word File  or to add your books to the list.

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