Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sonlight and the Common Core Standards

I thought this blog post by Luke was fantastic and just what Sonlighter's want to hear. 

from the Sonlight blog...First, Sonlighters already succeed. The Common Core is the latest attempt by policy makers to encourage schools to help students achieve. Sonlight students already do amazingly well academically. Sonlighers aren't failing. Many schools are. If politicians can find a way to help more students, that's great. But with of 20 years of success inspiring students--and parents--to love to learn, it would be foolish for Sonlight to change. To see more:

This is my favorite part:  But rather than follow the latest fads and hype about educational theory, we tend to stick to what we know works: Great books, lots of tools in your Instructor's Guide, and a focus on developing a life-long love of learning. Sonlight pioneered the literature-rich approach to homeschooling over twenty years ago. And we're not changing that.

Thanks Sonlight. That's is just what we wanted to hear. 


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