Tuesday, May 28, 2013

American History Books to supplement Core D+E...

If you are not using Sonlight Curriculum, this post probably won't mean much to you, but I get asked this question all the time,

"I am doing Core D+E, the condensed American History study, and I would like to know some more great books my kids can read that will go along with it."

My answer has always been to look at the catalog;  look at all the books used in Core D (the first year of  American history) and Core E (the second year of American history) and get all the books that aren't used in the condensed version (D+E).

To make things easier for my customers, I have done the work for you. Here is a list of all the books not used in Core D+E but which are used in D and E separately. I should note that not all these books pertain to American History, but they are engaging books for children 8-11 years old.)

If you would like the complete list of the books used in Sonlight's program, you can email me for a free catalog. This would make a great resource for you even if you aren't homeschooling. Summer or family readers anyone?

Core D books not used in Core D+E:

History Books

Read Aloud Books
Readers--Regular and Advanced
Core E books not used in Core D+E:

I hope this is helpful to you and I pray that you and your children will have wonderful conversations about these stories as you learn together.


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