Friday, April 8, 2011

Why Sonlight®? Aren't all Literature Based Curricula about the same?

I get this question a lot. Many folks want to know why I love Sonlight® so much and why I think it is the best out there. So, for those who wonder...

So, why Sonlight® as opposed to other curricula that are out there.

Reading great books inspires children to do their own hands on activities such as drawings, writings, pyramids out of sugar cubes, beaver dams out of sticks and mud and so on. Many curricula have plans for moms to spend lots of time and money preparing coordinating hands on activities. Sonlight and I believe we just need to provide a learning-rich environment and great books--and that is all you need. The kids will take it from there.

Sonlight®'s goal [and my personal goal] is that of creating Ambassadors for Christ that are equipped to reach THIS generation. With Sonlight®'s broad base of books and their detailed IG teacher notes, children are taught to "Seek first to understand, then to be understood." I know with the well rounded education they get from Sonlight® that they have been prepared to go to a our state universities, sit with people of varying backgrounds, and they have not been judgmental, but seek to understand where the person is coming from, then show Christ's love to that person--as an Ambassador.

I found many curricula try to advance their own religious agenda, but with Sonlight® the information is given to you and then it is up to you to interpret it to your kids. The study notes constantly remind us to measure what this person or nation did by looking to God's word, but they are very balanced and lead kids to learn how to think critically and not to believe something just because it is in a book.

And, the thing that makes Sonlight® head and shoulders above any other curriculum--the Instructor's Guides [IG]! If you are convinced that the literature approach is the way you want to go, look at Sonlight®'s Instructor's Guides. They are amazing--and another benefit, you can get all the books from Sonlight® so there are no fruitless trips to the library and book store.

The editions match the IG right down to the paragraph and page number. They schedule every reader, read-aloud, history, science and Bible book and have great study guides for each book. The study guides have notes on everything from place and setting, to maps and time line suggestions, as well as comprehension questions [with answers], cultural literacy and nature questions and much more. The IGs save you so much time, and are so complete, they are unparalleled.

Those are a few reasons I heartily recommend Sonlight®.


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