Thursday, June 9, 2011

Math made Fun with MathTacular...

 I am so excited about this fun MathTacular set. I can't wait for Allison and Elinor to be old enough not to try to eat all the manipulatives.

I have this kit and it is great. The MathTacular Educational Kit is designed as a full supplement to your Pre-K through 2nd Grade math studies.

If you are familiar with Justin and his friends, you know that they are masters at making math fun, interesting and bringing math concepts to life.

You can get an idea of what MathTacular is by watching some of the video clips you can find here.  But, the Educational Kit is so much more. It comes in a fun box that looks like something a board game would come in and it includes all the manipulatives you can see in the picture and the fantastic DVD that kids love.

If you are looking for a present for any 5-8 yr old children--I highly suggest this. The kids will have so much fun they won't know it is educational. And, for  older children, Sonlight has a variety of Mathtacular products designed specifically for them. You can go here to see all the options and video trailers. {I love the new MathTacular 4 which teaches kids how to do story problems. Who can't use more help learning how to apply math to real life problems?}

You won't be disappointed. Make sure you put a note in the comment section that says, "Jill Evely sent me."

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