Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Improved Stuff at Sonlight...

A note from Sonlight I thought you might be interested in.

Seventeen Sonlight moms [I was one of the seventeen] crowded around to hear about the 2012 Sonlight product line. Several had helped us design the changes. All were excited about what they saw. The conversation flowed with comments like, "Did you see how easy to use these Instructor's Guides are now?" "This just makes so much sense." "Our moms are going to love this!"
So what did they see? Big changes this year to serve your day-to-day homeschool needs. Enjoy your first peak at the 2012 improvements:
This year, your Sonlight Curriculum will give you:
  • Enhanced and re-designed Instructor's Guides for Cores A - G
  • More complete Core Programs
  • Improved Language Arts instruction
  • Enriched Bible instruction
Watch the video to learn more. Then stay tuned as we start to release more details next week. This improved curriculum goes live on April 2. 

More to come,
Tim Heil

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