Friday, March 23, 2012

New Drawing...Norman Rockwell Print

The Land of Enchantment. Comment here and on my blog. You get one chance to win for each post [two total per person]. This is a large print--
Full-color 12.75" x 23" print on heavy art stock and looks awesome anywhere.

Custom-printed with an extra-wide border. Perfect for the mat and frame of your choice!

You can't really see it from this picture, but this is probably my favorite story book print and for sure my favorite Norman Rockwell print. It has many, many  favorite storybook characters all in sort of a collage in the background and two boys reading in the foreground.

It is a challenge to find all the old familiar friends. I looked and looked for a long time before I finally found them all. I have one just like this framed in my office. It makes me smile.

If you would like to win one, just comment here and/or on my Paths to Learning Facebook Page on a favorite storybook character. Or maybe a character that your children love. If you post here and "like" me on FB, that is two entries. If you already like me on FB--Thanks!--and just post your favorite there too.

Some of the storybook characters  and books that are in this print are:
  • Little Red Riding Hood, Last of the Mohicans, Aladdin, Knights of the Round Table, Old King Cole, Robin Hood, Rip Van Winkle, Rip Van Winkle, Hiawatha, Long John Silver, Cat the Fiddle, The Seven Dwarfs and more.
I have a nice supply of these prints, so for every 10 people that enter I will give away 1 print. I think you will love it.

So, what is your favorite Childhood storybook or storybook character?

[And, if you get a friend to "like" me on facebook, you will get an extra entry. Just comment on FB or here and let me know. I would love to get up to 50 likes in the next 5 days.]

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  1. I am not usually sentimental about spiders, but I have to say, Charlotte is one of my favorite characters. She is so selfless and has such heart. A true friend.