Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I have my very own on-line homeschool and parenting library--if anyone is interested...

You can find it here: I copied some of it for those who may be interested.

Paths to Learning: ~ Jill's Homeschool & Parenting Library~

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Homeschool and Parenting Encouragement Library
~~~May it be an encouragement to you~~~

I invite you to:

Welcome to my personal Homeschool & Parenting Library
[ A collection of wit & wisdom gleaned from over 132 years of parenting]

General Homeschool Advice:

Preschool Tips and Advice:

Sonlight Specific:

High School Helps

  • NEW! High School Planning: Here are some great brochures and charts you can print off [Developing a Plan, Recordkeeping, College Bound, Off to Work, Time Line-Keeping on Track and You can Homeschool Through High School.]
[Sonlight has the best microscope and awesome science programs. In college I majored in earth science and environmental science. I love good science--but until I found Sonlight Science my kids did NOT share my love of science. Sonlight's great books, science supply kits and day by day lesson plans helped me share my love of science with my children. From pre-school up, Sonlight Homeschool Science Packages are the best!]

[Kari Homeschool Graduate-Chad University of Kentucky Graduate]

General Parenting:

For more encouragement and help, visit my blog:
Photos, top to bottom:
  1. My son Scotty at three--homeschooled from birth through graduation
  2. My two youngest children working with Dad to build a playhouse.
  3. Scotty--As a pre-schooler full of imagination and fun
Jill Evely
It is my passion to encourage homeschool families so that you can find joy in being a family that learns together.

I have been married to the husband of my youth for 35 years and have homeschooled my five children for 17 years-most of the time with Sonlight Curriculum. Our youngest son graduated from our homeschool in 2007. I love the outdoors, baking, reading and, of course, chocolate-but mostly I love getting all my kids together in one place. Ahh, heaven on earth! I am currently enjoying my two new granddaughters.

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