Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Writing on Walls??

Writing on the walls! Probably not a good idea--and yet...

I have heard some great ideas lately on how to encourage your children to love to learn. I am kind of sad I didn't think of this when my children were little--it would have made spelling, math, handwriting and lots of other subjects more interesting and maybe even fun.

The first idea is related to an inexpensive product called Smencils. They are pencils made from recycled newspaper and then scented in one of many scents. Each comes in its own biodegradable case. But the best part is the smell. I mean, I was balancing my checkbook with a cinnamon Smencil my friend gave me, and it was not a bad job at all!

Many parents are finding that if they let their children do math in one scent, spelling in another, and writing in another, kids are more engaged and do a better job. They look forward to getting the peppermint or bubblegum or very-berry Smencil to do the next subject. There are even color Smencils for that budding artist or for more variety-with each color having a distinctive scent.

The other idea is to let your children do writing on the windows with window chalk. Imagine the fun of doing spelling or math on the window or glass door! Many children have fine motor coordination issues. Doing these subjects with large characters on a large vertical surface can be beneficial. When children write on vertical surfaces they are strengthening shoulder and wrist muscles which help them with stability and control when writing or doing fine motor activities.

So, grab some window paint or some Smencils and infuse some fun and lots of benefits into your homeschool.

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