Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Off to Indianapolis

Today we pack up the truck so we can leave for Indianapolis tomorrow. The first convention of the year, IAHE .

Here is my office-notice matching shirts for the booth assistants and boxes and tubs of supplies.

We have a little apartment/guest room in the back of our house. I have tubs of books here, ready to be packed up--too bad it is cold and a bit snowy today.

There will be much scurrying around once we get to the conference center, trying to set up a 30x10 foot booth to look like a showcase. Here are a few boxes of catalogs. There are five altogether--each weighing 58.1 pounds. They have each been stickered twice--once with my contact information and one that is a unique coupon, good for $5 off an order of $50 or more. These are piled up in our short hall, blocking the cold air return and not allowing the bathroom door to open very far--see the door on the right side.

It is just like anything else-it is WAY more work than anyone thinks. Here you see a Newcomer 3 in the purple tub, the math supplies and in the bottom tub are the books for the front table.

I don't want to bore you with all the details, but there are signs to print, catalogs to label, coupons to print, books to organize, and then you have to figure out what tables, book shelves, book racks and other display items to bring. Here is a box of pens and gift bags, each with a book and a Smencil. These bags will be given away to every person who fills out a contact card that has a star sticker on it. 4% of the cards have star stickers on them.

And then there are banners, tablecloths, pens, tape and the equivalent of an office supply store to pack away. There are 5 banners [in the black cases] for each booth. Since I will have two booths, that is ten banners.

What if you need a utility knife, or tape, or scissors or... All that has to be packed.

It reminds me a bit of backpacking--only lots heavier! If you don't take it with you and then you need it at the convention, you are out of luck. I have had frantic convention neighbors who are relieved to find I have duct tape! My motto: Don't leave home without Duct Tape!

And then there is chocolate, nuts and dried fruit that are the fuel to keep my many assistants working during the convention. There will be a total of six moms, 4 teen girls, my graduated daughter and my husband working in the two booths during the two days. Their hours have to be coordinated, they need to be paid and the out-of-towners need to be housed.

At any rate, we have a small house. So, today, before we try to fit everything in our convention mobile [also known as a Dodge Ram pick up truck] there are boxes, tubs and more boxes scattered all around the house. I am praying it all fits!

Take Care,

Note: It all fit! I am so thrilled that there is even room left over for our suitcases!

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