Monday, February 22, 2010


Spring poked through some leaf mulch in my flower beds yesterday. The day before looked like this [see icicle picture below] as we drove home from our farm.
And then, yesterday came and it was like spring came bursting through. It is funny, because just the day before it looked like it was "Always winter, but never Christmas" and then it was like Aslan was on the move, and spring was anxious to tell winter to say goodbye.

Isn't that how it is a lot of the time? Just when things seem all cold and frozen and like things will never be sunny and warm again--then something little happens--and just like that, the ice is melting and the season is changing.

I couldn't help but think about when I was teaching Scotty to read. He knew the letter sounds, knew the idea but he seemed frozen in that knowledge and couldn't really understand blending. It was like winter had set in and we were stuck in the season of letter sounds-but no reading. Then, just like that, he "got it." He jumped up and down and hugged me and thanked me for teaching him to read. In that moment, the world opened up to him that had previously been locked away, frozen and inaccessible.

It was just like the little daffodils who are poking though the leaves. They are done sitting in the same place under the dirt, locked away, and are opening up to the big world.

Ahh, spring. When seasons change. When new life pokes through and new ideas take form.
Hope springs eternal and sometimes when one is coldest and surrounded by ice, the promise of spring poking through ground, gives us renewed energy.
If you are stuck in a cold place right now. Take comfort. Seasons change, nothing stays the same. There is green among the ice.

Take care,

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