Sunday, February 7, 2010

Renewable Entertainment...

On the homeschooling front--I am pumped. I just got back from a four day brainstorming event at Sonlight Curriculum in Littleton, Colorado and it is exciting to see what changes they are making to our booth designs and the new incentives they are offering to booth visitors in 2010. I am not sure I am supposed to say anything just yet, but with my first convention only 2 1/2 weeks away, it will be public soon.

One of the highlights of the meeting was when Sonlight President Sarita Holzmann talked with us. She shared her heart and her vision for the future. What an inspiring woman! She spoke of how learning with real books opens the world to our kids and how real stories grip their hearts. She said that books open the mind and create kids that love to learn and love to think.

One of my favorite quotes was when she said, "Books are Renewable Entertainment." Amen! I thought of the many books I have read again and again, enjoying them and gleaning from them each and every time. Renewable Entertainment--how politically correct, green and true all at the same time.
Many of us know how much a book has impacted our lives and I am sure if I took a poll, each and every one of you could mention a book that made you a better person. Sometimes living through another person's injustice moves us to compassion or to action. I am thinking of Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry and The Endless Steppe and how they affected my children and I when I read them aloud.

Other times we are transported to another time or another culture. Many of us will never travel to foreign lands, but we can still understand much about the people who live there by reading books. And none of us will ever visit ancient Egypt, but through books we can live among the people of that time.

Books. Sonlight Books. Renewable Entertainment. It was a great event.

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Photos-- top to bottom:
  • Me in front of the Sonlight Office in Littleton
  • The ten Sonlight Consultants who attended the brainstorm session--Left to Right: Karla from Idaho, Jennifer from Wisconsin, Tonya from Virginia, Kelly from Louisiana, Lynn from Oregon, Nancy from California, Gale from Illinois, Judy from New York, Sandy from Texas and Me, from Kentucky.
  • Linda [of Sonlight] and Me

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